A Better Way to CSA
We find New England's best local ingredients and deliver them to your door, every week.

Support Small, Local Farms and Food Purveyors

We support small, local farmers and food purveyors while minimizing waste (and maximizing taste).

We are flexible. You pay and choose the items in your subscription week-to-week. If you're traveling or already have enough food, you can skip weeks or cancel your subscription as needed.

We're also happy to help you find the right mix of products for your personal eating and cooking style. Send us an email--we'd love to hear from you!

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Family Dinner on New England Living!

Watch us tour Clark Farm in Carlisle, MA with farmer Andrew Rogers on New England Living and CBS Boston!

"Working with Erin and Family Dinner, I have a guaranteed price that we talk about in the off-season and then I'm producing for her... It's a much more secure financial model for me... There's no waste. That's the beauty of her model... I can plant, harvest, and pack. She's there to pick it up and there's very little waste that occurs."

- Andrew Rogers, Clark Farm

"Sustainability is core to the Family Dinner mission. There's something for everybody in the story of local food, whether your primary concern is the environment, the ethical treatment of animals, workers rights or just having simply delicious tasting food, there's something for everyone."

- Erin Baumgartner, CEO Family Dinner

Click here to watch the whole piece!

Mushroom Puns!

Mushroom Puns!

"Mushrooms are a fascinating crop! They’re not plants—they’re members of the fungus family. Unlike wild mushrooms that spring up only when seasonal conditions are ripe, cultivated mushrooms can be grown indoors year-round, provided the climate conditions are right. 
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Today we  are launching a fundraising campaign with NuMarket to help build out the expansion, we are hoping to raise $75,000. The campaign will help us build out essential infrastructure for the expansion such as a refrigerated truck, warehouse space, and a team based in Portland, serving their own community. When folks contribute they will get back 120% of their contributions in credits to use towards Family Dinner’s offerings in Massachusetts and Maine!
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Tuna at Sunset

Tuna at Sunset

For our side we will be stealing from the menu of the Sunset Club in Newburyport.  This is the newest gem from the great folks who own Trina's, Paddle Inn, and Parlor Sports (the bar responsible for the genesis of Family Dinner! We spent WAY too much time there 4 years ago, noodling over ideas, crushing cheeseburgers, and planning out this crazy venture). The Sunset Club is a beautiful spot to sip rose, delight in delicious nosh, and watch the sun go down. If you have a viciously competitive streak, they have all the yard games you need to ruin your friendships while you sip cold beers in the sunshine.  
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How It Works

Step 1: Choose your share (plus any add-ons). There's no commitment.  Pay week-to-week and skip or cancel as needed.

Step 2: Let us do the work.  We carefully curate each week’s share and place orders with local farmers and food purveyors.  Shares can contain protein, dairy, eggs, produce, grains, and there's always a treat.  Let us know if you have any allergies or aversions, and we'll make substitutions.

Step 3: Receive and enjoy!  You receive an email on Friday with a list of ingredients and recipes. We deliver your order on Saturday or Tuesday. Cook, eat, and savor the delicious things you make.

Step 4: Share with friends and family! After every purchase, you'll receive an email with your unique referral code to share with your crew. They'll get 50% off their first order, and you'll get a discount code for 50% off a future order.

What is in a typical share?

Each share contains protein, fruits, veggies, and grains, tailored to your share type and size.  We are happy to accommodate your food allergies or aversions. 

Our blog, This Week's Food, captures the ingredients, farmers, and recipes that are featured in every week's share. 

Here's a shot of the Omnivore Whole Share that was delivered to our customers on August 1st, along with a list of ingredients:

Proteins: Pork and Eggs from Feather Brook Farms; Yellow Tail Flounder from Red's Best; Greek Yogurt from Brookford Farm

Fruits and Veggies: Blueberries from Kimball Fruit Farm; Beets from Clark Farm; Swiss Chard from Brookford Farm and Drumlin Farm; Corn from Drumlin Farm; Greens from Generation Farm and Queen's Greens; Squash from Clark Farm

Grains: Bread from Forge Baking Co

Special Treat: Caramels from McCrea's; Cookie from Forge Baking Co

How does it compare with other CSAs?

We firmly believe in community supported agriculture (CSA). We want you to enjoy all of the benefits of a CSA with none of the drawbacks:

Local: We find the best ingredients from local farmers and food purveyors. 

Curated: We curate a selection of proteins, veggies, dairy, grains, and treats.

Flexible: Accommodation for all food allergies and aversions. 

No Food Waste: We won't overload you with any one ingredient.

No Commitment: You pay week-to-week. Skip or cancel whenever you need.

Convenient: Delivered to your door, every week.

All Seasons: We deliver the good stuff all year long.

Where do we deliver?

COMING SOON: Portland, ME!
Starting in early November 2021, we're expanding our delivery area to include greater Portland, ME! Stay tuned for more info!


Delivery on Saturday 9am-4pm anywhere inside of the 495 loop. (highlighted in yellow and green on the map)

Delivery on Tuesday 12pm-4pm anywhere inside of the 95 loop and Northwest towards 495. (highlighted in green on the map)

Not sure if we deliver to you? 

We'd love to hear from you!  Let us know where you are and we'll figure out how to serve you!  If you're just outside of our delivery area, let us know and we'll do our best to make it work!