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Our Story

About Us 

We’re Erin and Tim and we love food. 

We started Family Dinner in early 2017 with the mission of creating community around local food and the people who grow it.  We started delivering to 5 very patient and supportive friends, who were willing to let us bring them their groceries each week.  Operating out of our apartment, we scoured local farms and markets for interesting ingredients, packing them up and delivering to our eager friends, grateful for the hugs and high-fives we would get at their doorsteps.

In the Fall of 2017, we joined Foundation Kitchen, a shared culinary workspace in Somerville, MA. We now serve over 500 families in the Greater Boston area and work with over 30 local farms, growers and purveyors. 


Our Values

The national food system is broken and wasteful. While we do keep an eye on running a sustainable business, our goal is to build a better food system for everyone - consumers, farmers, and food industry workers. These are the things that we optimize for:

  • People first.  We are building a community around food and the people who make it.  We built this business to support small farmers and food purveyors.
  • Zero waste.  We all hate wasting food.  It’s just wrong. Zero waste is also our shared competitive advantage. We have created a model that allows us to keep zero inventory and to eliminate waste and all levels of the supply chain from the farm to your countertop.
  • Taste and quality.  If it doesn’t taste good, if it’s not that perfect summer tomato, why bother?

How do we optimize for these three things? We’re using data and analytics to help us reinvent the local food supply chain and help small family farmers compete with the big guys.

Want to know more? Check out our TedX talk!


Our Team

Erin Baumgartner

Before transitioning to her full-time role at Family Dinner, Erin enjoyed a 10 year career at MIT in business development and directing lab operations, most recently as the Assistant Director of the MIT Senseable City Lab. Erin loves cooking for friends, sharing a beer on the porch and turning anything into a pizza.

Tim Fu

Tim is an experienced entrepreneur and product leader. He is a Cornell and MIT MBA graduate with a background in engineering and sustainability. He loves playing squash, working with start-ups and pairing potato chips with wine.

We live in Boxford, MA with our old, toothless dog, Frank.

We have grown from two wife-and-husband co-founders to having 3 team leads and 28 team members. Our team packs and delivers each share to our customers. Similar to a bartender or waiter at your favorite restaurant, our team members are the main point of physical connection with our customers. We want our team to know that we trust and appreciate them, and deeply believe that will flow through to our customers’ experience. 


Our Name

The name "Family Dinner" has special meaning for us.  When we got engaged, we thought it would be wonderful to introduce all of our friends over dinner.  We began hosting weekly dinners on Sunday nights, hoping that when this hodge-podge of people reconvened at our wedding, everyone would already know each other.

Every Sunday, we packed 12-16 friends around a long table on our back porch and filled our bellies with delicious local fare.

Friends would arrive as we finished cooking, pouring themselves a glass of wine and catching up as we frantically tried to wrap up dinner. 

If dinner tasted good, the first few minutes of eating were silent - nobody spoke because they were too busy chewing.  If dinner wasn't so good, our friends would kindly assure us that things were still great, despite the occasional overcooked steak or burnt bread. Once dinner was over, everyone would pitch in to clean up. We would spend several more hours just catching up, watching the sun set, talking about life and family.  Eventually Erin would announce "Everybody out!" and we would all thank her for sending us home, because otherwise we'd be on that porch all night, eating, drinking and laughing together.