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Our Story

About Us

We’re Tim and Erin, and we love food.

It’s no stretch to say that cooking and sharing food is at the center of our lives and the heart of our relationship with each other—and with our family and friends. Our image of the best Sunday evening? A kitchen full of pots and pans waiting for cleanup, and two folding tables on the back porch, with friends and loved ones crowded elbow-to-elbow around plates of everything good we found that week to share with them.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build communities around great food and the people who make it.


Our Values

What else motivates us?

  • We value convenience, and we prize quality. We believe one doesn’t have to compromise the other.
  • We want to minimize waste. We understand the appeal of recipe-delivery companies, but excessive packaging, long-distance shipping, and micro-management of your meals is not our style (and not very sustainable).  We also don't want to waste food and would prefer that you skip a week or order a smaller share, rather than have to throw away food.
  • We seek authenticity. In New England, you don’t have to go far to find it: earnest and honest producers of good food, made the right way, are all around us.
  • We prefer to cook with vegetables picked the week they are ready; fish right off the boat; bread fresh from the oven. With food, when matters as much as where. 
  • We love to know the people who create the foods we love. They show us how organic, responsible stewardship is better for the environment—and better for our health. In turn, we’re proud to support local businesses and our hard-working neighbors.
  • We believe that what you eat matters beyond the dinner table. Each week, by filling our kitchens with real food from real people, we connect to truths and traditions that can be hard to hold onto from day to day and that ground us in our busy lives. 

We are Family Dinner. We want to share all of this with you.


Our Name

The name "Family Dinner" has special meaning for us.  When we got engaged, we thought it would be wonderful to introduce all of our friends over dinner.  We began hosting weekly dinners on Sunday nights, hoping that when this hodge-podge of people met at our wedding, everyone would already know each other.

Every Sunday, we packed 12-16 friends around a long table on our back porch and filled our bellies with delicious local fare. A message would go out over the weekend, letting everyone know that we were serving "Family Dinner" - as if Erin were ringing a triangle on a farm to tell everyone to come in for dinner.  

We'd run around town collecting fresh vegetables, cheese, bread, fish from the local fish monger, and meats from the family owned butcher. We would spend the afternoon cooking with each other, our favorite pastime. Erin is the better cook, in case you were curious.  Sometimes we would try a totally new cuisine, Thai or Indian recipes.  Sometimes we just had a good old fashioned summer barbecue.  

Friends would arrive as we finished cooking, pouring themselves a glass of wine and catching up as we frantically tried to wrap up dinner. We nibbled on cheese, bread, pickles and cured meats until dinner was ready. If dinner tasted good, the first few minutes of eating were silent - nobody spoke because they were too busy chewing.  If dinner wasn't so good, our friends would kindly assure us that things were still great, despite the occasional overcooked steak or burnt bread. We told jokes, usually at the expense of someone at the table, and laughed together for hours. Once dinner was over, everyone would pitch in to clean up. We would spend several more hours just catching up, watching the sun set, talking about life and family.  Eventually Erin would announce "Everybody out!" and we would all thank her for sending us home, because otherwise we'd be on that porch all night, eating, drinking and laughing together.